Sky Continues To Dominate TV Market in New Year


With so many broadband, TV and phone packages currently out on the market; there is one company that continues to dominate the sector. For the last 20 years, Sky has brought to our home unrivalled coverage of rolling 24 hour news and the latest games from the Premier League and Champions League thanks to unbridled coverage. Their Sky boxes are an innovation that is now a firm fixture in more than 10 million households. Sky Plus has changed the way we look and view television. Thanks to their ingenious set top boxes, you are able to do a lot of things that you were not able to previously. Some of the Sky Plus Boxfeatures include the ability to pause, rewind record live television. This is a fantastic way of not missing out on those programmes you like to watch. So if you cannot live without David Attenborough or can’t get enough of the Simpsons, you can do all this thanks to the set top box. In fact you will also be able to record up to two programmes at the same time while having the chance to watch a third! Your set top box is not bulky and will fit onto any shelf and has a sleek black finish. With regards to space on the device, take advantage of the generous 160GB storage that is available which amounts to nearly 40 hours of recorded TV. And now thanks to the internet or mobile you can now record all the programmes you like at the flick of a button. Sky Remote Record has been introduced for users in order to record programmes while you are on the go. These are both to be located on either the Apple store or the burgeoning Android market. Just download and all you need to do is sync up your set top box by registering online. After you have completed this stage your set box will be all synced up and you can record programmes on the dedicated app, which links up straight to your home box. You can also rewind and forward in super slow motion with anything up to 32 times the speed for those all-important moments. There is also a series link so you don’t have to keep hitting record, as it will do the work for you. There is a range of Sky Plus Dealsavailable to the consumer. You can obtain an all in one package that features, TV, broadband and home phone with a range of packages to suit your individual budgets. So if you are a heavy user on the weekend you might want to select the unlimited weekend Sky Plus deals. In addition a Sky technician will come round to set up a free installation and provide you with your complimentary set top box. And new customers will also have the chance to receive 100 pounds worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers if they sign up.

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