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Free Unlimited Movie Downloads


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High Speed Network Downloads

What do members receive?
Members use an exclusive databases network to search and download all their favorite movies directly to their computer, without the use of P2P networks (filesharing).
We form part of the fastest databases network on the Internet, with over 100 million DVD quality always updated movies.
Members can download any movies for free, at extreme speeds, directly to their computers.

Are you Mac / Linux compatible?
Yes. Our services are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

What exactly is ExpressMovieDownloads?
ExpressMovieDownloads is a custom service that is designed specifically for downloading movies connecting directly to an extensive high-speed databases servers network available to all members and developed to provide a user-friendly and enjoyable high speed downloading experience, reducing download times to the minimum.
ExpressMovieDownloads offers direct database downloads, but also the fastest and safest P2P software in the market today.
In regards to the P2P software offered, we need to include it due to popular demand. All of it is proven spyware / adware free (we don’t offer kazaa-like programs), allowing our members to be safely connected to the internet 24/7.
Our main policy is computer safety.

What is the diference between Regular and the Premium Access?
We currently offer two Memberships that you can choose:
Regular Access: It gives you access to unlimited movie downloads during 1 year, 2 years or forever (without expiration date).
Premium Access: It also gives you access to unlimited movie downloads during 1 year, 2 years or forever (without expiration date), including an extremely easy to use DVD burning software, so you can start making your own huge DVD collection and watch all your downloaded movies on any home, car, portable, or computer DVD player.

How much time does it take to download a movie?
As mentioned above, by connecting to an extensive high-speed databases servers network we manage to cut download times to the minimum. You will be able to download a regular sized movie in a bit more than an hour using a standard broadband connection.

How much time does it take to record a movie? Is it complicated?
Recording a movie is sometimes a slower process than downloading the movie itself!
It is not a complicated process at all since our software is extremely user friendly and intuitive. Full instructions are provided.

The recording process of a movie can be divided in two easy steps:
1.- Encoding (our software does it automatically in about 45 minutes).
2.- Burning (our software does it automatically in about 25 minutes).
All together, you should be able to have a brand new DVD in about one hour.

Can I watch my recorded movies on any home or car DVD player?
Yes. Once you finish recording your movie, the resulting DVD will be playable using any DVD device, even on the first (older) DVD players that were marketed a few years ago.

Can I watch the downloaded movies on my computer?
Certainly. For that, we provide you with the necessary software just in case your computer does not have a dvd player installed.

Are there any limitations on the number of downloads?
The answer to this question is a simple NO.
No matter what membership you choose, you will be able to download as much as you want or need. You will not be charged per download made, or per DVD burned. Expiration dates are the only limitation that you will find.

We recommend applying for our new unlimited access membership. We constantly receive a high number of users that need to register again because their membership has expired.
Are there any fees for downloading or burning?
Not at all.
We are not a “Pay Per Download” service or anything similar.
You will be able to download as many movies as you want, and record as many DVD movies as you want.
The DVD software given to all Premium Members is for them to keep!

How fast are the downloads?
Movies will download 300 times faster than on any other service that you may try or have tried. Users of dial-up modem connections will experience slower download speeds than broadband users, but will experience always much higher than expected download speeds..

Does ExpressMovieDownloads offer anything else besides movies?
Yes. Although ExpressMovieDownloads is a specific service for downloading movies, we also offer thousands of full CD albums, Full Games, Full Software and more. You will virtually find anything you are looking for on our huge databases network.

How easy is the search and download process?
Very easy. You search for your item as if you were searching on any search engine, and once you find your item, just click on it and the download will start.
Even if you are not computer savy, detailed instructions are readily available to our members 24/7. We strive to give our members complete satisfaction and assistance to make sure they enjoy the benefits provided by our site. You are guaranteed to be explained in plain English about every aspect of searching, downloading, and burning files.

Do I need any extra hardware?
Not at all. If you have an internet connection, you are all set.
Today, any computer has a CD or a DVD writer, and that is what you will need to record your downloaded movies. The movie creating software that we offer included in all bonus memberships, will record your downloaded movies to CD or DVD.
This means that you only need a regular CD writer to record your movies!

How will I be able to record my downloads?
Complete instructions and software are included with all Premium Access Memberships and the process is very easy. No need to be computer literate.

Is my registration secure and confidential?
Absolutely. We do not store any personal or credit cards information.
We use a third party 128-bit encrypted secure credit card processor that will confirm the validity of your credit card in real time directly with your bank. A world leader in encrypted credit card secure processes. Your registration will be represented by a unique receipt number corresponding with an email. The email address where we will contact you if needed.

Will I be billed again?
Not at all. All memberships are one time charges and you will not experience any surprise charges.
We are not a subscription or a “pay per download” service. Members download as much as they want, unrestricted, during their membership time. Once a membership is cancelled due to expiration or the execution of our 60 – day full refund guarantee, access to the member’s areas will be automatically denied.

What is the “Unlimited Access” then?
“Unlimited Access” is our new special account with no expiration date.
It actually makes you save money!
It is the best choice since many users need to buy a second membership due to expiration dates and end up spending more money than they would have if they chose a life membership on the first place. It’s up to you!

How about refunds?
We will process any refund petition within the next 60 days of purchase.
Any membership is entitled to a 60 – day full refund guarantee. In other words, new customers enjoy a 60 – day trial.

Can I join using Japanese Yen?
No. The only admitted currency is USD (United States Dollar).
There are many online currency conversion services available. Search for them on google and use any of them to calculate how much a membership would be in your own currency.

Should I Do Facebook Live?

Creating a loyal fanbase on Facebook is important for anyone online marketing. With more than two billion unique users each month, Facebook may be the number one myspace and facebook for all except the youngest demographic, the 18- to 24-year-olds commonly known as by marketers as “Generation Z.” But even 49% of Generation Z use Facebook.

Why Facebook Live?

Facebook is pushing video these days before, setting themselves up in direct competition with YouTube. But imagine if you offer a live video, with no one comes? Well, you may record and save the playback quality so that people who missed it may view it every time they wish. But it is additional exciting to possess fans who attend and talk with you.

Create Great Content

All your posts should be in accordance with the needs of one’s target audience. Any live videos you plan needs to be about topics they care about.

Offer to Answer Questions

Tell the viewers that you are going to give your presentation first and after that answer their questions right at the end. This promotes engagement while using content and enables fans feel they “know” you together with that you are a genuine person.

Schedule Regular Videos

Don’t just test it once rather than again. Create an editorial calendar using a weekly video and planned topics. Fans can join live, or see the recording if it is over. If the recording does not end up well, do delete it, or re-record it to enhance the quality of the presentation or even the technical aspects.

Make Your Videos Visually Interesting

Start that has a striking image in connection with your talk. Dress nicely in something cheerful and not heavily patterned. Move around sometimes. Consider using a backdrop for instance a whiteboard or easel using a pad with notes onto it. Pay attention to lighting.

Shoot High Quality Video and Sound

Check the lighting and audio quality. Invest in a quality wearable microphone. Speak clearly. All your points regarding the subject you have chosen to speak about ought to be heard easily. You will probably be nervous, but do not rush.

Be Yourself

On web 2 . 0, people follow people within their niche whom that like and feel they’ve known, and whorrrre aligned because of their interests and values. Introduce yourself briefly and informally. Be yourself and be truthful about what you are and the reason you are in business.

Introduce the Topic

State what you should be talking about and why it is crucial. Tell them you’ll be discussing five details. Also actually tell them you will supply the information first, then they can find out in the comments section at the conclusion. This will make sure you are not distracted while speaking and won’t miss any important questions arriving.

Try Different Formats

Go solo for some videos, then invite a guest speaker that may help you, or interview someone tightly related to your niche. This will maintain your fans needing to see what you’re up to next.