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Free Things Are Everywhere


With the current economic situation still having a harsh impact on people?s lives, we have seen the increase in the number of sites about how to get free stuff or where to find free stuff. People want to save money whenever they can and anything that is free is worth looking at and even taking with you home.

The first and probably oldest form of getting free products is the coupon or voucher. People are also hunting all the buy one get one free coupons, or free text phones or even free meals. Some people just spend days trying to find those coupons or only buy products in shops that say for example that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied.
You may still wonder why the big brands offer vouchers that can get you free products or even get you your money back.
Well first of all, it is important to say that only a small percentage of the vouchers issued by those big brands are used by people. It goes at something like around two percents, so you can be sure that they do not lose money creating those vouchers. The aim is usually to get people?s names and addresses to then send them promotions or newsletters. It will also give them an idea of how many people have bought the product when it is a new product for instance.

On a different register, you can also watch movies online and especially watch free movies. You have to be careful though as a lot of sites now offer to watch free movies online and not all of them do it legally. A site offering internet users to watch free movies online will usually say it and put it all over their website. You may wonder how it is possible to offer this kind of service though. Well some films may have fallen into public use when they are not trademarked anymore, and in some other cases, the sites offering those movies pay a license to the film distributor to be able to offer the movie for free. You cannot usually download the movie though. It has to be watch by streaming which means you need an internet connection to watch the free movies. The sites paying a license will most of the time either put a few adverts in the movie, usually at the beginning or the ads on the site will pay for the license.

Nicki Minaj And Keith Urban Join American Idol


It’s official!Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban will be joining Mariah Careyand Randy Jackson as first-time judges on American Idol! Fox announced that the hip-hop star and the country singer will join Mariah Carey as judges when the show returns this winter. For the record, Mariah Carey has secured a whooping $18 million and is considered the highest paid judge in reality television. It was also announced that Randy Jackson, who has been with the show since the very start, will return as a judge. The official statement, which noted Nicki Minaj’s “unique performance style and iconic fashion”, was released on Sunday. “Minaj became the first female solo artist to have seven singles simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 chart,” it read. Cecile Frot-Coutaz, the CEO of “Idol” owner FremantleMedia, said that Minaj, 29, “represents a different side of the music industry, who has now crossed into mainstream culture with her unique artistry, style and flair”. Regarding Keith Urban, Frot-Coutaz said he is “one of country music’s true stars who brings with him charm, wit and knowledge about the industry”. The country singer later said: “It’s really an honor to have been invited to be a part of the American Idol family”. I’m looking forward to working with everyone and to seeing the same passion that I have for music in all of the participants.” During the weekend, Nicki Minaj teased her Twitter followers with a vague promise for” info tmrw…” However, host Ryan Seacrest later confirmed the news with a sweet snapshot of the Idol cast and crew. “It’s official,” he wrote Sunday. Previous American Idol judges include Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuard and Ellen DeGenere. Earlier this summer, Fox announced the exit of Idol season 10 and 11 judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, along with the hiring of Carey. Steve Tyler was to first to leave and then it was Jennifer Lopez, too. Amid reports that she was pushed out of American Idol by Fox network, Lopez said that Tyler’s exit from the singing competition was the only reason why she decided to call it quits. After that happened, the network strongly considered shifting Jackson to a mentor role. After quietly selecting Minaj and Urban for slots, Fox recently made an offer to Latin singer-songwriter Enrique Iglesias to fill a fourth spot, but those talks didn’t come through. However, now we have new judges and I bet we are all excited for the new season finale of the American Idol! As always I’m sure it will be a fun show to watch! The 12th season of “American Idol” is set to kick off in January.

Sky Continues To Dominate TV Market in New Year


With so many broadband, TV and phone packages currently out on the market; there is one company that continues to dominate the sector. For the last 20 years, Sky has brought to our home unrivalled coverage of rolling 24 hour news and the latest games from the Premier League and Champions League thanks to unbridled coverage. Their Sky boxes are an innovation that is now a firm fixture in more than 10 million households. Sky Plus has changed the way we look and view television. Thanks to their ingenious set top boxes, you are able to do a lot of things that you were not able to previously. Some of the Sky Plus Boxfeatures include the ability to pause, rewind record live television. This is a fantastic way of not missing out on those programmes you like to watch. So if you cannot live without David Attenborough or can’t get enough of the Simpsons, you can do all this thanks to the set top box. In fact you will also be able to record up to two programmes at the same time while having the chance to watch a third! Your set top box is not bulky and will fit onto any shelf and has a sleek black finish. With regards to space on the device, take advantage of the generous 160GB storage that is available which amounts to nearly 40 hours of recorded TV. And now thanks to the internet or mobile you can now record all the programmes you like at the flick of a button. Sky Remote Record has been introduced for users in order to record programmes while you are on the go. These are both to be located on either the Apple store or the burgeoning Android market. Just download and all you need to do is sync up your set top box by registering online. After you have completed this stage your set box will be all synced up and you can record programmes on the dedicated app, which links up straight to your home box. You can also rewind and forward in super slow motion with anything up to 32 times the speed for those all-important moments. There is also a series link so you don’t have to keep hitting record, as it will do the work for you. There is a range of Sky Plus Dealsavailable to the consumer. You can obtain an all in one package that features, TV, broadband and home phone with a range of packages to suit your individual budgets. So if you are a heavy user on the weekend you might want to select the unlimited weekend Sky Plus deals. In addition a Sky technician will come round to set up a free installation and provide you with your complimentary set top box. And new customers will also have the chance to receive 100 pounds worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers if they sign up.

The New Age James Bond: Daniel Craig


My Name Is Bond… James Bond

What do Roger Moore, Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan have in common? All of them have played the most coveted role of Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007. Unfortunately, they have now hanged their sleeves and made way for the new James Bond: Daniel Craig.

Born in Chester, England, Daniel Craig was the son of Olivia and Timothy John. His mother is an art teacher while his father was a former midshipman in the Merchant Navy and took several jobs after landing on shore. While attending high school at Hilbre High School as well as Calday Grange Grammar School in West Kirby, Daniel Craig played rugby for the Hoylake Rugby Club. Afterwards, he transferred to London to take part at the National Youth Theatre after shortly staying at Calday.

Movie Career

After making his big screen debut as Alex West in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2001, Daniel Craig’s next assignment was Road to Perdition alongside Tom Hanks and Paul Newman. In the movie, he played the role of Connor Rooney, the son of an Irish mob boss, portrayed by Paul Newman.

In October 2005, Daniel Craig agreed to become the fifth James Bond by signing a five-film contract with EON Productions. After accepting the challenge of playing the spy, Craig’s objective is to bring more emotional depth to the role. After a year, his first James Bond movie, Casino Royale, hit the theaters.

Today, Daniel Craig is considered as the highest paid British actor. His other movie credits include the Golden Compass, Munich, Sylvia, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, among others.

Casino Royale

This is the movie that started it all. James Bond goes on his first mission as a Double O agent. In his first mission after being recently promoted as a double 0 agent, James Bond competes in a high-stakes poker game initiated by Le Chiffre as part of his aim of recovering huge amount of his clients’ money that he lost in a failed plot which Bond quashed.

The movie starts with James Bond designated to monitor a terrorist based in Uganda. However, the mission goes array and Bond decides to investigate which leads him to the terrorist network of Le Chiffre. The work of his organization would come to an end if Bond would beat him in a poker game.

Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace, the 22nd Bond film, picks up where Casino Royale left off. This time James Bond sets off to Italy in order to ruin the plans of Dominic Green, who is aiming to launch a coup d’etat in Bolivia and take control of its water supply.

If the theme of Casino Royale focused on terrorism, the aim of Quantum of Solace, on the other hand, is environmentalism.

After the movie, Daniel Craig gets good reviews as the best James Bond after Sean Connery.

Quantum on Video

Daniel Craig lends his face and character in Quantum of Solace The Video Game. Intended for users of PS3 and Xbox 360, this video game harnesses the high definition graphics capability of both systems in order to produce the best James Bond game in history.

Al Gore?s Inconvenient Infomercial: A Movie Review


Who is the chubby, aging baby boomer waddling through airport after empty airport, wearily tugging along his 2-piece luggage roller? Hey, it?s not Michael Moore (again). Why, for heaven?s sake, it?s none other than a bored, disgruntled Al Gore, Jr. ? the Man Who Personally Believes He Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda Been King! Well, at least Saturday Night Live believed him. Instead of ruling the Western World with a Green Fist, he?s starred in a new movie persuading us to stop using up so much energy. Meanwhile, Al Gore Jr. cruises about foreign capitals in one gas-guzzling, chauffeured Mercedes after another, pondering one very deep thought after another while solemnly tapping away on his Mac Powerbook. Earth to Al Gore: Actor Steven Seagal already nailed down the slick but glazed ?poseur look? about nine movies ago.

Is ?An Inconvenient Truth? a documentary about Global Warming, or Al Gore?s microphone-grabbing, spotlight-snatching platform to whine about, and revisit, his presidential election loss, six years ago? Is former Veep Gore really hoping to educate film audiences about the very serious dangers of carbon dioxide emissions, greenhouse gases and abrupt climate change, or conniving to create a multi-media white paper for the Democratic Party?s energy agenda? We?re not sure, actually. Perhaps, it is because Al Gore, and the film?s executive producer Davis Guggenheim, were themselves confused as to the direction in which they were heading with this narcissistic political propaganda.

C?mon, a former high-profile Vice President of the United States shuffling through airport security like the rest of us hoi polloi? If so, then why didn?t the alarm bells go off? For those who missed it, in one scene Gore wore a belt buckle the size of a small dish, when passing through the airport?s metal detector. And it didn?t screech? Right! Or how about the scene where a pompous Al Gore (sans bodyguards) was hailing a cab in Manhattan, but no one recognized him? Well, perhaps that part was realistic. Who really cares about Al? Was the former #2 man doing a for-the-people inspirational routine, along the lines of ?He Walks Among Us,? so that we?d buy his punch line about self-sacrifice at the end of the movie?

The man, who at one time claimed to have invented the Internet, more carefully documented his alleged 30-year personal campaign to help bring Global Warming to a screeching halt. Amazingly, he didn?t include footnotes with his film speech. We?re sure Gore was anticipating the ?I invented the Internet? jokes and dutifully prepared his track record for audiences. He shamelessly dredged up memories of his old Harvard science professor, Roger Revelle, whom he once called into congressional hearings to have the scientist warn about CO2 emissions and rising water temperatures.

How seriously can we take ?Scientist? Al Gore? In a Washington Post article (March 19, 2000), Al?s grades and scores were questioned, during the presidential campaign, and the assistant headmaster at Gore?s private school, St. Albans, reportedly ?chuckled at (Gore?s) science results.? He had scored so poorly.

Gore?s one constant, his glibness, manifests in this quasi-documentary. Mostly it?s a political infomercial, but for whatever reason Gore was so fervently pitching and hyping Al Gore was never made clear. He hasn?t quite grasped how serious the earth?s climactic changes could impact our civilization, other than flicking through multiple photos of receding glaciers and a few other tidbits. Gore mentions we might have 100 million refugees if sea levels rise, as if those many would actually survive. In contrast, Dr. Lovelock, author of ?The Revenge of Gaia,? is forecasting the demise of billions of people under the same ?earth is melting? scenario. Whom do we believe? We vote Lovelock, not Gore. After all, the politician admits, in a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview, Lovelock has forgotten more science than Gore has ever learned.

Whatever gravity the poseur portrayed during his supercilious narration, and in his deep-thinking (but awkward) poses, Gore nullified these moments with clumsy flashbacks to the 2000 presidential campaign. (Well, Gore reportedly did a lot of drugs in college, so we guess he’s entitled to his flashbacks.) While he claimed in his movie to have moved on, the man still sounded downright bitter during this pre-campaigning film farce. His movie oozes contempt for the man who defeated him, and offers the same ill will toward anyone distantly related ? family, business or otherwise ? to the man who is now President of the United States. For those who helped keep him out of the White House or dissed him? He repays his enemies in a way only a screenwriter could: Gore adds his enemies to his movie.

Gore?s rapid-fire ?subliminal images? are cleverly aimed at Florida and the 2000 presidential campaign. Take that Senator Katherine Harris! Guess which state gets submerged first when the polar ice caps melt? You got it, Florida. Of all the lakes in the world which are drying up, Gore selects Lake Chad. For those who have forgotten, it was the notorious ?chads,? which cost Gore the presidency. Darn it Al, will you let it go? It?s been six years, you know. You LOST the election!

Film goers should wonder why an ex-tobacco farmer, and erstwhile U.S. presidential candidate (going 0 for 2 on presidential campaigns), has only NOW come out against fossil fuels because of Global Warming. What?s his agenda? To educate the public? If that is the case, then the filmmakers should have focused on the matter at hand ? the earth is getting hotter, and we need a solution. Dr. James Lovelock?s mandate is simple: Nuclear energy is the single solution. Listen up, Hillary Clinton ? you might have enjoyed Al?s ramblings, and said so in your pretentious New York Press Club speech last May, but where is Gore?s actual solution to the Global Warming crisis?

The self-righteous Al Jr. offers no solution in his movie. Even when asked by an audience in China for his solution, Gore spouts non-sequiturs ? political rhetoric, but no word of a solution. The movie director deftly cuts away before Al can look even sillier, while we wonder why Al offered no solution.

The film shows images of a nuclear reactor, a wind farm and running water. Was the blustering Al or his bewildered movie director hoping the audience would choose a solution for them? At least Ross Perot, in his infomercials, had some solution for the ills then facing America. Al has none. Zippo. Nada. Just join Al?s crusade and start driving a hybrid car. Or did he mean a bicycle? After all, in one scene, Al boasts about the Chinese riding their bicycles and flashes a dated photo showing this. Wake up, Al, last we heard, the Chinese were driving Beemers and Benzes, not bicycles. Bikes are reserved for environmentalist weenies who can?t find a real job.

Al seems to be pro-nuclear, but claims there are problems with proliferation and waste disposal. In an interview with Australia?s The Age newspaper, published in November 2005, Gore told the reporter he was not ?reflexively against? nuclear energy. Wearing his hat as a fund manager for the Generation Fund, he told the newspaper that investing in uranium mining comes down to sustainability. In another interview with ?Grist Magazine?s? David Roberts, published in May of this year, Gore responded to questioning about the nuclear energy renaissance, saying, ? I doubt nuclear power will play a much larger role than it does now.? How?s that for naivet? in the context of dozens of countries having already announced their plans to advance their nuclear energy programs?

Perhaps, Gore will begin touting renewables, as Hillary Clinton has done on behalf of lapdog/energy guru Amory Lovins. We asked third-term Wyoming legislator, David R. Miller, who is also president of a U.S. uranium development company, Strathmore Minerals, about the madness over renewables becoming a serious factor for baseload electricity generation. Miller told us, ?We were 100 percent renewable 300 years ago, 50 percent renewable 100 years ago and 30 percent renewable 50 years ago. Now, we are less than 10 percent renewable and shrinking fast.?

About nuclear energy, Miller added, ?It nearly unlimited. We are learning to use better technology to make purer energy to do more for us.? Miller?s rebuttal on Al Gore?s message was emphatic, ?Those that preach about saving the earth should practice what they speak, but the loudest voices are those that consume the most.? Miller pointed out, ?Only the rich and idle have time to rail against too much consumption. But they want you to stop the consuming, not them.?

One could look deeper to better understand Al Gore?s ambiguity toward any solution. For example, is Al Gore?s family still a large shareholder of Occidental Petroleum? After all, his father took a consultancy with a subsidiary of the multi-national oil firm, upon leaving the U.S. Senate in 1970. Just in time to cash in on the oil embargo of 1973, Al Gore?s dad was paid $500,000 per year for his services. Al Gore Sr. also served as a company director. Why was Al Gore?s father on such great terms with Armand Hammer, the founder of Occidental Petroleum? Hammer was a good buddy of Josef Stalin and his Kremlin successors. Hammer?s dad introduced Little Armand to Stalin, who helped him build the Hammer Empire. All this in return for one small favor: Julius Hammer founded the U.S. Communist Party.

Have the sins of the father visited the son? For the past thirty or forty years, Al Gore has allegedly received a ?mining royalty? check from Occidental Petroleum for zinc ore discovered on the Gore family property. Reportedly, Al has been paid about $20,000 annually for mining rights to the property. But, that?s just chump change. Long before the Buddhist Temple fund-raising fiasco in Los Angeles, Al Gore was involved in dubious political financings.

We didn?t look that much more deeply into Al Gore. Truthfully, why bother? Gore?s remorse appears rigged; his acting is pathetic. For example, his sister died of lung cancer, before the family stopped growing tobacco. He makes a really big deal about this in his movie (despite his own alleged chain-smoking habits as a college student). But he failed to mention he continued receiving royalties from his tobacco farm for years after his sister died.

Gore also forgot his vivid 1988 presidential election campaign speeches, defending tobacco farmers in the southern United States. Imagine Mr. Clean telling tobacco farmers about how he, himself, tilled the soil with his bare hands and picked dem dar tobacco leaves wit his own fingers! Our research shows Gore continued accepting campaign donations from tobacco companies until at least 1990. Instead of being truthful with his audience, Gore mentioned in passing that the reason he ran for President in 1988 was to give Global Warming some exposure. Hypocrisy or ambivalence? You decide.

In his film, Gore claimed to have changed the way he performed his congressional duties after his six-year old son was hit by a car and nearly died. Throughout his movie, Gore uses every personal tragedy to play upon the audience?s heart strings. What does that have to do with Global Warming? Nothing, but it aids and abets an otherwise insincere politician to better sell his purported sincerity concerning abrupt climate change. The message is good; the messenger needs to take up a new hobby. Like unsuccessfully running for president again so he can finally get his just deserves: ?Strike Three, you?re outa here!?

Why pay good money to get bored out of your skull with this blas? movie? Save the $7 to $10 (or more) on ?Al Gore?s Inconvenient Infomercial? by reading the same stuff for no charge whatsoever (and without the deep-thinking, brooding ex-politician who spends nearly all of his 100 minutes preaching in your face). Kevin Bambrough and Eric Sprott wrote a detailed report, covering a great deal, if not more than what the Gore movie attempted to discuss.

Cable or Satellite TV Getting a Little Sensible When Choosing


Buying a TV service for your home may sound simple, but the truth is otherwise. There are an umpteen number of issues that may escape your attention, and price of course plays an important role in decision making, but nevertheless it is not the only factor to tilt in favor of a particular provider. The quality of the picture delivered both for basic and HD, reliability, down time, access in remote areas and post sale services are some of the major issues that require closer scrutiny. There are at least two major segments that provide TV Services in the US; the Cable TV and the Satellite TV. Both have good reasons to tell why they should be preferred over the other, and both will not tell you the big fat details that make a big difference to your viewing pleasure. They will talk about picture quality, high definition, super everything else will be in fine prints. But you will ultimately have to fall for either segment after having weighed the pros and cons against your own backdrop and experiences in the past. Satellite TV is a poor cousin when you consider the range of services that they can provide, but on the positive side they are easier to access at any place in the US. Most of them have a nationwide foot print, and if you are one of those who shifts home frequently and live in a locality far into the countryside, all that you have to take along with you is the dish and the small equipments that come along with, unlike the cable TV. If TV is the only thing that you want, and a plain and simple one at that, it is good. But don’t forget that, snow storms, hail, and sky borne disturbances can interfere with the quality of reception, even a low flying aircraft for that purpose can cause enough perceptible disturbance on your TV. Cable TV is a different ball game altogether; new technological changes are making them a better lot, especially the use of optical fiber cable over the coaxial cables that were in vogue. That means, cable TV services will offer phone and internet services clubbed with TV. But unlike satellite TV, prospective cable TV subscribers need to be closer to the network of cables that they lay to provide services. In fact the maximum distance to which a cable TV operator will connect with a subscriber is 2000 or lesser feet from their nearest node for optimum viewing experience. Unless you have a cable TV service from the same provider, shifting your home and retaining the same cable TV is impossible. Satellite TVs are out of the race if subscribers want TV, internet and home phone all included like in Verizon FiOS Bundles. There is simply no technology available today to do it. Moreover, cable has the ability to link with local channels to provide better local content. The other big advantage that helps cable TV sell their service is that, that atmospheric disturbances don’t normally affect their quality of service like in satellite TV, unless it is a major natural disaster. Providing all three services has some advantages for subscribers; fewer dollar deposits to make, lesser investment on equipment; and finally the advantage of a bundled offer. And what is more, subscribers can save themselves from the trouble of having to deal with so many service providers every month. Pricing is an issue that you can always negotiate with the local office of the cable TV company, and offers can be specific to a locality unlike a satellite TV which is usually national in outlook. Cable TVs sometime have a no-compete agreement between them, so you will have to live with the sole provider anyway.

Is 3d Back?


Long-relegated to theme parks and carnival side shows, 3D films had become a rather tacky blast from the past. Usually consisting of a patchwork of different clips, 3D films relished in showing huge tarantulas, streams of running water and beautiful blossoming flowers. Designed to give audiences a cheap thrill, 3D movies also became synonymous with the flimsy red and green glasses that everyone had to wear.

More discerning movie audiences could have been forgiven for thinking that they had been resigned to history.

However, with Cameron’s $237 million blockbuster opening in London’s West End, it would appear that 3D films might have made a comeback.

Competing against the theatre district’s traditional London shows, last week Avatar in 3D made West End audiences swap their usual theatres for movie theatres as box office figures went through the roof.

Thanks to the growing popularity of London theatre breaks, audiences in the capital have long been used to seeing stars of stage and screen live. Can this new trend in 3D cinema really offer the same experience to cinemagoers?

Of course, Avatar is not simply a 3D film in the same way as the early films are. The glasses are still there, albeit slightly cooler looking, but that?s about the only thing. Filmed by state-of-the-art steroescopic cameras, Cameron insists that the 15-year development of the film was down to the fact that he had to wait for the technology to develop enough to portray his vision of the film.

Initially set for a 1999 release, to follow up Cameron?s Oscar-winning smash Titanic, it would be another 10 years before the film was ready. Renowned for its breathtaking imagery and stunning visuals, Cameron said to the BBC at the film?s huge West End premiere: “Tonight we’ll pull the cover back and show the world, so to speak.?

Not everyone is convinced by the latest flood of 3D films though. US movie director Darren Aronofsky said he was “unconvinced” by 3D film technology and considers it little more than a gimmick.

Since the unparalleled success of Avatar however, it seems that other production companies are keen to produce their own 3D movies. Rumours are even abound that the upcoming sequel to the 1980s Ghostbusters? franchise, Ghostbusters III, will be shot with steroscopic cameras.

So, perhaps, 3D movies will be making a triumphant return to the world of cinema. The sheer visual quality of Avatar has certainly caught the imaginations of some very high-powered Hollywood producers. However, with a price tag in excess of $237 million we?ll have to wait for a little while yet before 3D films become the cinematic mainstay. Until then, audiences are advised to simply enjoy the 3D rides when they come along.

Reviewing Friday The 13th Movie: Why No Kill Kill Kill


The latest Friday the 13th movie is not part of the series, but yet another reboot of classic a horror movie. This one, however, is worth watching because some of the killings are inventive and brutal. And with Jason updated, he’s faster and more vicious. We get to see him run and move around, unlike the 80’s depiction where he stalked and tromped and still managed to catch up to his victims. He’s also an expert with the bow and a throwing axe, making him the perfect hunter.

Somehow, I get the feeling that the film makers, Michael Bay and his crew, who likely saw the 80’s version are not able to bridge in their mind the discrepancy in movements between hunter and prey, so they changed the formula a bit and created a faster, beastlier Jason.

The storyline stays true with the 80’s. But the entire first movie, is done away with in the first segment. Jason’s mom is beheaded and young Jason later discovers her body in the woods. By adding this segment, the rest of the movie is able to focus on Jason as the killer and not his mother. Hence, in that respect, this film is a combination of Friday the 13th 1 & 2.

And as a Friday the 13th movie, most of the horror pieces are there. Teenagers camping in the woods. Check. Hot teenage girls showing their breasts. Teenagers getting high on weeds. Check. Sacrificial authority figure getting killed. Check. Jason hacking away with a machete. Check. Jason and his hockey mask. Check. Jason as an invincible killer. Check. Creepy and dark surroundings. Check.

For good or bad, other elements are also added as this movie feature at least two actors with star power, namely Jared Padalecki and Amanda Righetti, as the brother-sister duo who seemingly survived Jason’s nightmare. In the original movies, the actors are practically unknown. Even Kevin Bacon dies early in the first Friday the 13th movie.

Also, I like the play on with pot. We know that wild teenagers and pot are a mixture ripe for hilarity in the movies. But Jason and pot? In some of the scenes, you can’t help but think and if Jason is a pothead who is only defending his grove.

There are two things that I thought are glaringly amiss. First, the play on Friday the 13th as a date is not mentioned. I don’t remember momma Jason saying anything to indicate that day Friday the 13th is important at all.

More importantly, the eerie sound of “kill kill kill” is missing. More than anything this theme song defined the movie series. Instead, we get loud thunderous bangs that are startling, but not scary. Perhaps that’s how Michael Bay like his movies.

All in all, the new Friday the 13th is worth a watch at least once. But if you and your friends are in the mood for watching Friday the 13th on a boring night, and haven’t seen any of the series for awhile, you should watch the first two of the original movies instead. You’ll see why they’re a classic.

Run Successful Webinars

Do you know tips on how to ride a motorcycle?

Maybe the land started out, you possessed training wheels along with perhaps your parents or older sibling helped you. Eventually, those training tires were revoked. You wobbled, flopped and fell many times, but eventually, you learned to ride a bicycle on two wheels and also you felt great about yourself.

Hosting and running successful webinars requires the exact same process. You should the to help you. Attend several webinars and take notes. After you attend several webinars, even during different markets or niches, you’ll see there is generally a group pattern of delivery.

Learning with Training Wheels

In a symptom, obtaining a successful webinar host to assist you is just like having training tires on your bicycle after you were little. This virtually eliminates failure.

You most likely are not the most adept webinar host on earth, but if you get guidance from other people who has been recently there and done that, your effort, even first time, is way better than it could be if you would have aimed to learn in your own.

Remember the First Time You Asked Someone Out using a Date?

Okay, let’s leave out the bike riding experience for a time.

Do you recall the very first time you asked someone on the date?

You were stuffed with trepidation. Would they reject you? Would you open your mouth and fumble and mumble the text, looking silly and feeling being a fool? These are questions you considered. Since you didn’t desire to fail, what have you do when you asked that unique somebody out with a date?

You practiced your delivery.

Test your webinar software prior to deciding to go live. This sounds such as a no-brainer tip, but many first-time webinar hosts don’t do this the right way. Practice, practice, and practice even more.

Give your webinar for some friends and find their input. Perform your webinar so frequently that you are knowledgeable about the software as well as the experience really well, for both your viewpoint as well as the point of view within your attendees. Practice makes perfect, consider getting to know your webinar software along with your script intimately when you go live.

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

You use a lot to understand to become confident giving webinars. There is the application you have to determine. What happens if there’s a technical glitch? What if not a soul shows up? What if so many people show up and also you get a rash of complaints because prospects cannot attend?

With every one of these important considerations, it will make absolutely no sense to produce your workload greater by trying to pretend you happen to be someone that you are not.

You will build up confidence and ability giving webinars whenever you act like yourself, and not a soul else. You are a unique individual, and webinars use a wonderful strategy for letting your one-of-a-kind personality glow.

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What do members receive?
Members use an exclusive databases network to search and download all their favorite movies directly to their computer, without the use of P2P networks (filesharing).
We form part of the fastest databases network on the Internet, with over 100 million DVD quality always updated movies.
Members can download any movies for free, at extreme speeds, directly to their computers.

Are you Mac / Linux compatible?
Yes. Our services are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

What exactly is ExpressMovieDownloads?
ExpressMovieDownloads is a custom service that is designed specifically for downloading movies connecting directly to an extensive high-speed databases servers network available to all members and developed to provide a user-friendly and enjoyable high speed downloading experience, reducing download times to the minimum.
ExpressMovieDownloads offers direct database downloads, but also the fastest and safest P2P software in the market today.
In regards to the P2P software offered, we need to include it due to popular demand. All of it is proven spyware / adware free (we don’t offer kazaa-like programs), allowing our members to be safely connected to the internet 24/7.
Our main policy is computer safety.

What is the diference between Regular and the Premium Access?
We currently offer two Memberships that you can choose:
Regular Access: It gives you access to unlimited movie downloads during 1 year, 2 years or forever (without expiration date).
Premium Access: It also gives you access to unlimited movie downloads during 1 year, 2 years or forever (without expiration date), including an extremely easy to use DVD burning software, so you can start making your own huge DVD collection and watch all your downloaded movies on any home, car, portable, or computer DVD player.

How much time does it take to download a movie?
As mentioned above, by connecting to an extensive high-speed databases servers network we manage to cut download times to the minimum. You will be able to download a regular sized movie in a bit more than an hour using a standard broadband connection.

How much time does it take to record a movie? Is it complicated?
Recording a movie is sometimes a slower process than downloading the movie itself!
It is not a complicated process at all since our software is extremely user friendly and intuitive. Full instructions are provided.

The recording process of a movie can be divided in two easy steps:
1.- Encoding (our software does it automatically in about 45 minutes).
2.- Burning (our software does it automatically in about 25 minutes).
All together, you should be able to have a brand new DVD in about one hour.

Can I watch my recorded movies on any home or car DVD player?
Yes. Once you finish recording your movie, the resulting DVD will be playable using any DVD device, even on the first (older) DVD players that were marketed a few years ago.

Can I watch the downloaded movies on my computer?
Certainly. For that, we provide you with the necessary software just in case your computer does not have a dvd player installed.

Are there any limitations on the number of downloads?
The answer to this question is a simple NO.
No matter what membership you choose, you will be able to download as much as you want or need. You will not be charged per download made, or per DVD burned. Expiration dates are the only limitation that you will find.

We recommend applying for our new unlimited access membership. We constantly receive a high number of users that need to register again because their membership has expired.
Are there any fees for downloading or burning?
Not at all.
We are not a “Pay Per Download” service or anything similar.
You will be able to download as many movies as you want, and record as many DVD movies as you want.
The DVD software given to all Premium Members is for them to keep!

How fast are the downloads?
Movies will download 300 times faster than on any other service that you may try or have tried. Users of dial-up modem connections will experience slower download speeds than broadband users, but will experience always much higher than expected download speeds..

Does ExpressMovieDownloads offer anything else besides movies?
Yes. Although ExpressMovieDownloads is a specific service for downloading movies, we also offer thousands of full CD albums, Full Games, Full Software and more. You will virtually find anything you are looking for on our huge databases network.

How easy is the search and download process?
Very easy. You search for your item as if you were searching on any search engine, and once you find your item, just click on it and the download will start.
Even if you are not computer savy, detailed instructions are readily available to our members 24/7. We strive to give our members complete satisfaction and assistance to make sure they enjoy the benefits provided by our site. You are guaranteed to be explained in plain English about every aspect of searching, downloading, and burning files.

Do I need any extra hardware?
Not at all. If you have an internet connection, you are all set.
Today, any computer has a CD or a DVD writer, and that is what you will need to record your downloaded movies. The movie creating software that we offer included in all bonus memberships, will record your downloaded movies to CD or DVD.
This means that you only need a regular CD writer to record your movies!

How will I be able to record my downloads?
Complete instructions and software are included with all Premium Access Memberships and the process is very easy. No need to be computer literate.

Is my registration secure and confidential?
Absolutely. We do not store any personal or credit cards information.
We use a third party 128-bit encrypted secure credit card processor that will confirm the validity of your credit card in real time directly with your bank. A world leader in encrypted credit card secure processes. Your registration will be represented by a unique receipt number corresponding with an email. The email address where we will contact you if needed.

Will I be billed again?
Not at all. All memberships are one time charges and you will not experience any surprise charges.
We are not a subscription or a “pay per download” service. Members download as much as they want, unrestricted, during their membership time. Once a membership is cancelled due to expiration or the execution of our 60 – day full refund guarantee, access to the member’s areas will be automatically denied.

What is the “Unlimited Access” then?
“Unlimited Access” is our new special account with no expiration date.
It actually makes you save money!
It is the best choice since many users need to buy a second membership due to expiration dates and end up spending more money than they would have if they chose a life membership on the first place. It’s up to you!

How about refunds?
We will process any refund petition within the next 60 days of purchase.
Any membership is entitled to a 60 – day full refund guarantee. In other words, new customers enjoy a 60 – day trial.

Can I join using Japanese Yen?
No. The only admitted currency is USD (United States Dollar).
There are many online currency conversion services available. Search for them on google and use any of them to calculate how much a membership would be in your own currency.