The Advantages of Choosing Timber Buildings Made From Managed Forest Wood

When property owners want to have a garage built and delivered to their land, they may be interested in choosing a manufacturer that only uses timber from managed forests. This way, they are assured that the wood used for the company’s Timber Buildings is sustainable. Companies that rely on managed forest timber do not deplete the earth’s natural forests and old-growth trees.

Forest Management

Sustainable forestry can be practiced even in countries that are relatively small in size. As trees reach a certain height and diameter, they are harvested and new ones are planted. The process is ongoing year after year. This is an active form of forest management, in contrast to forest reserves that are excluded from tree felling and wood cutting for commercial purposes.

The Swedish Method

One example that scientists use to confirm the advantages of managed timber production is the Swedish forestry model. This methodology focuses on sustainability as part of the effort for economic profit. It actually increases available resources instead of keeping the amount steady. This can be accomplished with the acquisition of additional land and the planting of more than one tree for each tree that is harvested.

Benefits of Managed Forests

Throughout the world, managed forests provide benefits for reducing air pollution and offer an aesthetically pleasing view as people travel by. Older forests that grew naturally can be spared, which is a significant conservation measure. Managed forests are at substantially reduced risk of wildfire because they are not overcrowded. In contrast, forest reserves left completely unattended are more vulnerable to serious fire incidents.

Sustainable harvesting of timber also creates a more suitable habitat for wildlife. For instance, overgrown conditions are unfavorable for deer, as these animals move long distances to forage for food. They thrive in areas where trees are routinely cut and replanted.

Concluding Thoughts

Choosing to buy a garage or other timber building manufactured by a company supporting sustainable forestry is an environmentally friendly decision. The property owners who make these decisions can feel satisfied not only with the high quality of the building they now have, but with their environmental ethics.

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