Pole Barns and Their Value as a Grow House or Greenhouse

Pole Barns are not only useful as barns, houses, or garages. The solid and affordable structures also perfectly fit the needs of an agricultural lifestyle. In fact, one of the most popular uses for the barns today is as a grow house. People can use them to produce their own food all year in any climate.

Create a Greenhouse

Custom designs of the barns can include roof adaptions for those that want a traditional greenhouse. The use of Plexiglas, glass, or plastic sheeting allows the light to shine in. The barn structure offers a growing space that is sturdier than many traditional greenhouse plans. A larger design could also include a partially enclosed barn area with a greenhouse addition, so plant growth and tool storage can take place in one building.

Begin Hydroponic Gardening

Another option is a hydroponic grow house, and the affordability of the barns make them perfect for beginners. Hydroponic gardening with grow lights enables people to produce a large amount of food in a smaller area than they would with traditional soil beds. The warmth and protection the barn provides to the crops makes it possible for people to grow food for their families regardless of the weather. The roof height also means that the owners can include smaller fruit trees in their plans.

Keep it Protected

Solid structures around a garden can protect seeds and plants from wildlife. An enclosed space will deter birds, deer, and many other creatures that love to feast on thriving gardens. Insects will also struggle to reach the produce, so growers can use less pesticide for healthier fruits and vegetables. Less loss to wildlife means the owners of the building get a larger yield for their families or their customers to enjoy.

The strength of the structure due to the unique design enables wide open spaces in the barn. The open design suits the needs of growers who want elbow room and adequate ceiling height to grow the variety of crops they desire. Anyone who plans to build or buy a greenhouse should learn more about how a barn may offer a better environment for their crops.

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