A Great Way to Protect a Guttering System

As the season’s change, vegetation blossoms or dies which creates quite the problem for guttering. Exposed gutters collect falling seedlings and other windblown debris in the spring while easily becoming clogged with dead leaves in the fall. To prevent the collection of this organic material and possible damage to the facade of a home or commercial building, the installation of gutter guards is well worth the investment.

Eliminate Seasonal Gutter Cleaning

Gutter guards are built from metal, nylon, or plastic materials that contain various patterns of small holes to allow rainwater in while blocking large debris. The pieces completely cover the top of the channel so that there is no way any organic material or animal can find its way in. Anything that does wind up sitting on top of the guards will eventually dry up and blow away in the breeze.

Personal Safety Should Always Come First

Cleaning out the gutters is a chore that most property owners dread. Not only are they putting their safety at risk by standing on a tall ladder, but they also wind up getting wet and dirty from all the muck and water. Rather than endangering themselves every six months, property owners can ensure their safety by hiring a roofing or guttering specialist to securely attach the guards while they watch from the safety of the ground.

Avoid Unwelcome Structural Issues

Gutter guards are also great at preventing structural damage. Uncovered gutters that aren’t kept clean will accumulate organic debris, which may include bird nests, and clog the downspouts, eventually sagging or pulling away from the roof due to the excess weight. These clogs can also cause water to overflow and pool on the ground next to the foundation which weakens the area while also leaking into a basement or crawl space. Installing the guards keeps the channels clear and allows the rainwater to flow freely away from the building.

Ensure the Proper Product is Installed

People interested in a durable gutter guard should turn to a company like Erie Construction. Not only will they provide clients with a free estimate covering the materials and installation, but they also offer a limited lifetime warranty on every project. One look at the style and pitch of the roof is all these experts need to determine exactly which type of guard will perform best and still fall within the client’s budgetary requirements.

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